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Construction regulations for metal carved insulation boards

Construction regulations for metal carved insulation boards

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2019/11/18 16:31

In order to make the metal-carved insulation board meet our later requirements ,  in the construction process ,  we need to follow certain construction rules and methods ,  because only when certain requirements are met ,  the construction can be smoother and the project can be completed more perfect . Here are some specific construction rules for everyone .

1.  The inner surface temperature of the insulation layer is higher than zero . The thermal bridges such as the outer wall of the door and window frame  , the parapet wall ,  the closed balcony and the pick-up members should be insulated  .  The thickness of the metal-carved insulation board should be reserved for the above parts  .

2.  The external thermal insulation system should consider the influence of metal anchors and thermal bridges .

3.  the external wall insulation project should be well sealed and waterproof structure design to ensure that water will not penetrate into the insulation layer and the base layer ,  important parts should have detailed drawings .

4. The horizontal or inclined exiting parts and the parts extending below the ground should be waterproofed .  The equipment or pipes installed on the external wall insulation system should be fixed on the base layer and should be sealed and waterproof .

5. The height of the external wall insulation system should meet the following requirements: when using the adhesive anchor (or sticking) process and the paint finish, the use height should not exceed 60m, and the actual use height should be the thermal insulation decorative board external wall insulation system. The measured wind pressure value is designed and calculated. When the thermal insulation package with thin stone as the panel is installed by the anchor anchor ( or sticking ) process  , the practical height should not exceed 40m , and special design should be carried out . The safety and durability must comply with relevant regulations and design requirements .

When you are working on the construction of metal-carved insulation boards, you must abide by the above regulations . Only in this way can our project be completed with half the effort and the appearance is higher .

Construction regulations for metal carved insulation boards