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Metal cutting board cutting angle process
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2019-11-18 16:33
During the construction, it is often found that when installed in the metal carved plate, it will be neatly arranged, basically there is no gap, because it uses the chamfering process in the production, the following is a detailed introduction for everyone.
Factors affecting the price of metal engraved panels
What do you pay attention to when you buy a product? Brand? price? quality? Among them, more people may pay attention to the price, compare the price to the quality, and want to buy cheap products. We all know that there are many factors that affect the price.
Construction regulations for metal carved insulation boards
In order to make the metal-carved insulation board meet our later requirements, in the construction process, we need to follow certain construction rules and methods, because only when certain requirements are met, the construction can be smoother and the project can be completed more perfect. Here are some specific construction rules for everyone.
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