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Metal cutting board cutting angle process

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2019/11/18 16:33

During the construction, it is often found that when installed in the metal carved plate, it will be neatly arranged, basically there is no gap, because it uses the chamfering process in the production, the following is a detailed introduction for everyone .

1. For the installation of ventilation equipment or through the pipeline, you can leave the hole on the board properly. In order to minimize the influence of the hole on the structural performance of the prestressed metal engraved plate, the longitudinal direction of the hole should be parallel to the direction of the plate, or a small hole should be used in order to minimize the breaking of the prestressing tendon. When there are many holes, it should be arranged along the direction of the board and arranged as much as possible in the sheared area of ​​the board. If possible, it is best to arrange the holes in the middle of the two prefabricated panels .

2. The chamfering treatment of the metal engraved board is often caused by the fact that the structural column cannot be broken between the floors and the layout of the panel is affected. At this time, the method of cutting the corner of the sheet can be taken to solve this problem. In general, the width of the chamfer should not exceed a quarter of the width of the board. When the width of the metal engraved board is more than one quarter of the width of the board , special treatment measures should be taken, such as setting the calf leg or other support on the bottom beam.

The chamfering process of the metal engraving plate makes the board more tidy, so that when building the building, not only can it increase its safety, but also improve the efficiency of the entire building.

Metal cutting board cutting angle process